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LinkedIn faces lawsuit following censoring of police brutality post by media CEO Joseph Bonner

Media executive Joseph Bonner has long used his social media to fight bullying, report on Human Rights issues, and to inspire his 51,000 + followers, but following multiple posts shedding light on police brutality in the US, LinkedIn restricted his account.

"They told me I posted some racist video about Chinese, which I find laughable since I own a Chinese Radio Network, Joseph states. "I told them either they posted it or I was hacked," Joseph adds.

As someone who has become internationally known to fight against bullying and stand up for international human rights, Bonner does not seem to be taking the restrictions laying down.

According to sources, Bonner plans to file a lawsuit against the social media giant citing related Civil Rights grievances and discrimination. He will also push for a federal lawsuit under specific human rights violations.

Joseph Bonner vs LinkedIn

"You can try to silence me all you want but make no mistake about it that I will fight it publicly as need be," Joseph states.


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