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Domino’s employee fired after racial slur written on order screen

A Domino’s Pizza employee was fired for writing a very offensive racial slur on customer Myasia Nelson’s receipt and order. The Domino’s on N. Church Street in Burlington, North Carolina employee took an order from Myasia for two pizzas and a side of wings.

When Nelson looked up at the order screen board to see how long will her order take to be ready, she saw the “N’ word written where her name was supposed to be. The employee said he asked for her name twice and could not hear her clearly. Myasia and her family took this as a clear case of racial discrimination.

The Domino’s franchise manager, Junior Snyder, apologized in person to Myasia and told the news media he let go of the employee saying: “You cannot work for our company, you know? We’re not like that…”

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