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5 Types of Pants Every Guy Should Have

5 Type of Pants Every Guy Should Have, Legend Men's Magazine

When it comes to comfort, style, and personality, pants have long been a unique personality expression that men have used to work, attend social events or to simply lounge in.

Here are Legends "Top Pants Pick" every guy should have!


Evey guy should own at least one pair of slacks. They are typically used for special events, interviews or corporate jobs. However, you can always step up your fashion game and stand out from the crown with a nicely chosen pair of slacks.


Jeans were originally used during the Gold Rush when miners needed a sturdy pair of pants to work in. These masterfully made pants are both sturdy and fashionable. For work or play, Jeans are almost always a fashion yes!


"Casual Fridays" at work means you can change up the corporate attire for something less corporate. If you want to still look semi-professional why maintaining that "Friday Feeling," Khakis are the go to source.


There is a time and place for every type of pants. The "Sweatpants" has long been man's top pick for exercise or just lounging around the house in comfort. With so many different colors, styles and brand to choose from the honest truth is that we men typically don't care about any of that as longs as we have a pair for every that Sunday morning chill session.

Snow Pants

With the crazy weather we've all been having around the world, you just never know when you're will need to have a pair of these handy. However, you don't need to throw style out the window in the winter. Why not get a good deal on pair during the offseason and keep a pair for a snowy day.

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