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Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Many take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life by going to day retreats that offer leisure recreation. Generally day retreats are located a ways out of the city and take traveling to get to, for this reason visitors tend to spend a full day at the retreat. Each location is different and has its own appeal and attractions. This post will be focusing on one in the Kharadi neighborhood of Pune.

The KAPILA RESORTS is a real gem in an unexpected location about 30 minutes outside the heart of Pune. It is very easy to get to and is open to the public 7 days a week. This sprawling property has so much to offer and enjoy.


RENTABLE CABANAS There are several rentable cabanas near the onsite restaurant. A table and chairs are included in the rental.


The restaurant has an extensive menu and likely has something for everyone. The facilities are well maintained and clean. If you are are bringing a large party of guests, like we had (around 30 persons) this place has more than enough space with 3 dining areas.


The property has resident animals that you can visit and are cared for by the resort staff. At the entrance of the facility you will find a large enclosure with parakeets in a range of unique colors along with a family of rabbits. There are also resident turtles in a fountain and a herd of spunky goats that have free roam of the property.


The property also has several grassy areas to play field games and one very large feature that is not to be missed, the lake! In the center of the lake a bridge leads to a treelined circle that is beautiful for pictures and looking out at the water.

KAPLIA RESORTS is great for a single family or large event. There is so much space to find your section of seclusion for the day. There are additional amenities and services I have not mentioned that are also worth checking out on their website.


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