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Breaking the Shackles, One Broom at a Time: Phyllisia Moore's Inspiring Journey

Breaking the Shackles, One Broom at a Time: Phyllisia Moore's Inspiring Journey

Biloxi, Mississippi - Phyllisia Moore, a remarkable survivor and entrepreneur, is making waves in the cleaning industry with her groundbreaking venture, Two Women One Broom. What sets Moore's venture apart is her unwavering dedication to helping fellow domestic abuse victims make a fresh start by providing them with gainful employment opportunities. With a vision that ranges well beyond her Mississippi roots, Moore's enterprise has the potential to change lives across the nation.

While Two Women One Broom may be a relatively new player in the industry, its mission speaks volumes about the resilience and strength of its founder. Moore, a survivor of domestic abuse, intimately knows the challenges faced by others trapped in abusive environments. By offering employment to those trying to escape desperate living conditions, Moore offers them a pathway to financial independence and empowerment.

The ripple effects of such support cannot be overstated. Many survivors of domestic abuse often struggle to break free from their circumstances, caught in a cycle of dependence and lost hope. But Moore, through her company, offers a glimmer of light, a chance to regain control of their lives, and a safe haven that understands their unique struggles.

In a recent interview on the nationally syndicated Joseph Bonner Show, Moore fearlessly shared her heart-wrenching journey. It was a powerful moment that resonated with listeners across the country, as Moore's resilience and determination touched the hearts of millions. Her bravery in confronting her own demons has become a beacon for others who are still trapped in abusive relationships.

Moore's aspiration to expand Two Women One Broom beyond Biloxi is an ambitious and necessary endeavor. By extending her reach to every corner of the United States, she hopes to provide numerous survivors of domestic abuse the opportunity to rebuild their lives and find solace and independence through employment. However, such lofty goals cannot be achieved alone.

Support for Moore's venture is paramount to its success. As a community, it is incumbent upon us to rally behind her cause and contribute to the important work she is doing. Whether through hiring her cleaning service for your home or business needs or simply spreading the word about her mission, we can all play a part in reshaping the lives of domestic abuse survivors across America.

In the wake of personal tragedy, Moore has shown remarkable fortitude. The loss of her mother in a tragic fire at the start of the Covid pandemic could have easily pushed her into a state of desolation. Instead, she channeled her grief into fueling her passion for helping others. It is this extraordinary resilience that motivates her every day to push forward, to create an environment of understanding, support, and opportunity for those who may feel forgotten and alone.For those who seek the chance to rewrite their narratives, Two Women One Broom has become a symbol of hope. Phyllisia Moore's unwavering determination to build a nationwide community rooted in strength and support is truly a cause worth rallying behind. As she continues to navigate the path toward her ambitious goal of operating in all 50 states, let us come together to offer our support and aid her in transforming countless lives for the better.

Contact information for Two Women One Broom:

Phone: 504-429-0407


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