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California continues to battle brushfires

The current California weather conditions continue to set up the stage for brushfires, which are up to 3: the ‘Camp’ fire in Northern California, and the ‘Hill’ & ‘Woolsey’ fires in Southern California.

Thousands of structures have been destroyed and at least 5 people have been reported dead. Over 65,000 people have been forced to evacuate in total and around 70,000 acres of land have been completely incinerated by the hellish blazes.

Meteorologists predict winds to die down as the weekend approaches and will give firefighters a small advantage. However, the dry and hot conditions will persist through next week.

Authorities ask Californians to stay cautious and be mindful when disposing of cigarette butts, as well as following proper procedures when putting out campfires though the 3-day, holiday weekend. Watch your children at all times and remind them the dangers of playing with flammable objects and chemicals.

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