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Man on a plane goes on a racist rant of a 77-year-old woman

The incident took place in Ryanair airlines plane FR015, from Barcelona to London Stansted last Friday, where a man was filmed by passenger David Lawrence going on a rant of racist remarks directed toward a black woman in the plane who happened to be sitting in the same seating section as he was. It all started because the woman sitting in an aisle seat took a little longer than normal to move out of her position for the man to reach his window seat due to her arthritis.

The 2-minute viral video clip shows an older man cussing the woman out and is heard calling her “ugly black bastard,” amongst other obscenely despicable remarks.

Rather than removing the man from the plane, the attendants decided to ask the woman and her daughter sit on another section.

Ryanair is receiving backlash from the media saying the staff should have removed the man instead. The woman’s daughter said “I know that if I was behaving like he was, or any other black person for that matter, police would have been called and we would have been kicked off the flight.”

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