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Why are jeans with holes considered fashionable?

You are only as young as you feel. Although it's ironic that this is saying that is pretty old, it's actually quite true and may provide us some insight as to why jeans and pants with holes in them have suddenly become fashionable again.

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When we were small kids, we did not really care about what our clothes looked like. We just wanted to have fun and play with people that we cared about.

If our jeans got holes in them it did not bother us one bit. Why? Because we were too busy having fun outside.

I mean let's face it, fashion did not matter to us as much. We were too busy enjoying every moment in life.

With youth came a measure of freedom and bliss that today most adults covet.

So why do some adults consider jeans and pants with the holes in them fashionable?

Does it remind them of a time in their life when as kids they did not care so much about looks?

Does it scream freedom from responsibility and adult life?

Is it in some small way an attempt by adults to hold on to youth and youthful feelings as long as they possibly can?

We actually have no idea why some adults enjoy wearing jeans and pants with holes in them? Do you?

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